What do you have to know about the toughened glass for your shop front?

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    What do you have to know about the toughened glass for your shop front?

    Admin| September 15, 2021 | Shop Front

    FAQs about Toughened Glass

    What is toughened glass?

    Toughened glass is also known by the name of Tempered glass. This glass is referred to as safety glass in which control is done through thermal or chemical treatment which allows boosting the strength as compared to the standard glass. When it is manufactured for the Shopfronts in London it is made sure to increase the strength 4 to 5 times more along with lamination. So, considering the Aluminium Shopfronts with the toughened glass can prove to be a game-changer for the entire place.

    Does toughened glass come with fire-rated features?

    Now! The fire resistance property is important no matter what the place is. With the fire-rated glass, there are at least 2 panels and there is a cavity between each glass sheet which is filled with transparent intumescent gel interlayer. In case of fire, the interlayer will react to the heat, which will make it expand, and then it will form a safety barrier in the entire place. Fire glass is a great choice for commercial and residential projects which makes the entire place safe and secure in every sense.

    Is toughened glass an expensive choice?

    Tempered glazing is not always the expensive choice to go with but it is going to depend on the spec and size of the glass which you are looking for.

    Does toughened glass provide heat-resistant properties?

    Tempered glass has that heat resistance feature but it has to be manufactured with the fire-resistant property to have the benefit.

    How much temperature can the toughened glass withstand?

    When it comes to toughened glass it is known for handling the temperature to around 243 C. In addition, it is regular glass which is known for having great strength through chemical or thermal treatment.

    Is toughened glass easy to break?

    Tempered glass is easy to break but the manufacturing process is the game-changer as this is what allows to increase the strength around 4 to 5 times. The main function of tempered glass is to ensure that even if the glass breaks it is shattered into thousands of pieces so that it does not harm others.

    Does toughened glass come with double glazing?

    No! Tempered glass does not come with a double glazing option.

    Is it possible to drill toughened glass?

    No! Toughened glass does not provide the feature of drilling and if you get it done then it will shatter the entire glass. In case, there is any specific shape that you are looking to make, then it has to be done before the toughening method. Once the drilling, edgework, and nothing has been done, the toughening process can be started.

    Is it possible to re-cut the toughened glass?

    No! Toughened glass cannot be cut as it can shatter into thousands of tiny pieces. As we mentioned above, before the cut and doing any preparation this can be done, if needed.

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