At NEW SHOPFRONTS LIMITED, you can expect to experience every feature and quality that you should consider before choosing the specific service provider. In Ealing, it becomes even more important for the shops and the showrooms to present their best look through shopfronts, as this region is supremely known for the film studios which are its heritage. This is the main reason that shopfronts in Ealing are distinctively created. Now, being influenced by the notion “Every great thing is expensive”, you might have thought that to attain the sophisticated view, the cost of glass shop fronts will be high. But it is not so in any way.


We promise to make you satisfied


Closely work with the contractors and the foreman

The employees employed personally at NEW SHOPFRONTS LIMITED are so dedicated towards the work, that they always try to do more and more efforts to bring about the appropriation and precision. Because of this, they coordinate with the contractors and the foreman to have a close view to check whether everything is being implemented as per their plan or not.


We’ll finish the work per agreed timescales

Despite the difficulties in obtaining the material from the suppliers on time and coping up with the urgent leaves of the employees, we remain committed to delivering the completed project as per the agreed timescales.


All services under one roof

The importance of efficient installation can not be denied even in the comparison with manufacturing. We make sure that our customers do not have to get exhausted in dealing with the separate manufacturer and the installer, so we facilitate them by providing all the services under one roof.

Besides, those who have manufactured the shopfronts, know better how the shopfront should be installed.


Guaranteed services

Investing in the shopfronts does not require the modicum amount to be paid. A great figure is to be paid to the service provided, which will include all the expenses like:

  • The cost of using and pondering the material
  • The labour costs
  • The installation cost
  • The customisation cost (If you have got something special done in your shopfront)


To have the guarantee, if you are spending such a large amount, is your right.


Do not worry about the compliance

We know that the different areas have a unique set of rules and regulations concerning the aesthetics and functioning of the shopfronts and shutters. We always make sure that we do not leave even a scope of suspicion with the shopfronts as far as compliance is concerned.


Your first impression will be counted

Showing faith in us will never let you down. You will eventually find it worthy to take services from us as we always try to bring about something which makes the first impression count.



Are you interested in getting the shopfront manufactured Contact us. If yes! Then please book your appointment with us, so that our professionals come to know about your taste and what exactly you are demanding from the shop fronts.