Installation of Curtain Walling

Are you planning to build a new building or want to get the place renovated to give it a contemporary design? In that case, the Curtain Walling Installation London system is the best choice. With their installation, you get the glass and light into the building.

With the architectural design, the building facade will look the best. Our team will give you the reliable service of new shopfronts curtain walling in London. With time, more focus is given to transparency, lightness, and elegance has confirmed aluminum-glass systems that have thermal bridges that provide ventilation and insulated glazing.

We are specialists in giving the premium quality glass curtain wall. Moreover, our team will give you maintenance service with edge-cutting technology which is innovative and with the best technical solution. Our system is great for architectural design and it is made to all the latest industry standards.

Glass Curtain wall system

ur team manages the curtain walling business and it helps to make sure the maintenance is up-to-date. The system is glazed and has pressure plates that give maximum transparency. By installing these systems, the interior and exterior can be seen easily. For maximum transparency, the pressure plates are glazed. If you look from the inside, everything will look appealing and there is no visual obstacle. This is going to give a sophisticated and breathtaking view.

Moreover, these systems are lightweight and will ensure that the building is highly stable. Some of the features include:

  • The walling system is attached to the exterior of the building and it helps to support the entire structure.
  • The wind pressure and its weight are linked to the building framework.
  • The building structure is connected by joints. By doing so, it will protect the entire building surface.

The glass walling system is behind the wall and it won’t affect the building facade. The facade does not carry the building and this facade will provide the functions of the exterior wall which include:

  • Thermally insulating
  • Isolate phonically
  • Resist fire
  • Ensure or prohibit the vapor barrier
  • Resist external conditions, including climate, shocks, chemical agents, vibrations, etc.

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If you are planning to get the walling system installed then you should contact our team. We will provide you with on-time service from manufacturing to maintenance.