What are the different types of toughened glass doors you can purchase?

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    What are the different types of toughened glass doors you can purchase?

    Admin| November 3, 2020 | shopfronts

    Your shopfronts are the face of your business so make sure it is looking as beautiful as it is from inside. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attract customers towards yourself. The qualities your shopfront should include mentioned below:

    • Protect your place from vandalism.
    • Your place should look aesthetically beautiful.
    • Protection should be there from robbers, intruders and much more.

    Toughened Glass Doors

    Toughened glass doors are the type of doors who are gaining lots of popularity these days. It is made up of annealed glass which is heated at 600 Celcius. The otter area of the glass cools down after some time whereas the inner areas remain hotter.

    What are the advantages?

    There are multiple advantages of installing these glass doors at your place that are mentioned below:


    The appearance of the glass doors is unique as well as beautiful. It will help your front side of the shop look different from the competitors and will help you in gaining the attention of the eyeballs. It will also help you in creating a positive image among customers.

    Advertising opportunity

    it also gives you an advertising opportunity where you can showcase your products. No matter if it is a beauty parlour, retail shop and much more, it will help you in informing the customers about your products as well as services.


    These doors are durable as well as strong enough to withstand in any circumstances. It will also protect your place from changing weather. It also provides insulation.

    Less maintenance

    You don’t have to work hard to maintain these glass doors as they are low maintenance. All you need is water and a clean towel to clean the glass.

    What are the different types of shop fronts available?

    Aluminium Shopfronts

    There are restaurants, shops, saloons whose first choice is the installation of aluminium shopfronts because of multiple installed features in it. Aluminium will make sure your place will remain safe from different weather such as winds, cold, hot and much more. These shopfronts come in two different styles that are mentioned below:


    Manual aluminium doors are types of doors which you have to operate manually. These are suitable for small scale business, shops, beauty parlours and much more.


    Electric aluminium doors are types of doors which you can operate with remotes sitting anywhere in your place.

    Frameless Glass Doors

    Frameless glass doors are strong, tough, rugged and much more. These doors are best suitable for the cafe as well as restaurants and much more. These doors come in different styles such as automatic sliding doors and manual doors. It is having many benefits such as a customer will be able to see the products placed inside the shop clearly, transparency will be there and much more.