Understanding the Different Types of Shopfronts in London

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    Understanding the Different Types of Shopfronts in London

    Admin| April 16, 2024 | Blog

    When choosing the best shopfronts in London, it is important to understand the various types of shopfronts. Read the blog to find out some useful information.

    It’s not possible to change how someone first sees you. You need to make the right choice when picking out shopfronts in London for your business. The front of your store shows what kind of business you have.

    What kind of business you have will have a big impact on the style of your storefront.

    The front of your store is very important for getting people to come in and making an impact that lasts. Additionally, a shop front that looks nice and welcomes customers can have a big effect on how well your business does.

    If you are looking forward to purchasing a shopfront for your business place, then it is important to understand the different types of it. Certainly, in this blog, we shall try to understand the different types of shopfronts and which one could be right as per your requirements.

    Glass Shopfronts

    Glass shop fronts in London are perfect for businesses that need to show off their goods for sale or display. This is because glass technology has improved and glazing is becoming more popular.

    The sleek design of glass shopfronts gives off an air of style, elegance, and craftiness, making them perfect for businesses that want to look modern and classy.

    In addition to looking good, this is the best choice for a business that needs extra room to display its products and needs something that will last and be easy to maintain. Certainly, there are also different kinds of shopfront glass to choose from, such as tinted, fire, toughened, frosted, and reinforced glass.

    These shopfronts are ideal for

    • Commercial shops, like clothing and shoe stores
    • Business offices
    • Real estate
    • Travel companies
    • Banks, and
    • Any commercial facility

    If you want something that will last longer and be better, choose toughened glass that doesn’t have a frame.

    Aluminium Shopfronts

    Shop front fitters of aluminium are becoming more and more common because they can be cut to any shape and fit any arrangement.  In other words, it’s the best way to fix even the most uneven shop front.

    Aluminium is also very adaptable and can fit into a wide range of forms and spaces without any problems.  It is strong, lasts a long time, and doesn’t need much upkeep, which is always a plus. It can stand up to any weather and doesn’t rust. 

    Plus, you can coat and spray-paint aluminium shopfronts in different colours to make sure they look great with your brand. 

    Aluminium is easy to recycle, over and over again, and it makes things safer, which can give you peace of mind. It works well in a lot of places, like stores, offices, school entrances, reception areas, show windows, and more.

    Wood Shopfronts

    Oak or wooden shopfronts are best for your business if you want to give it an old-fashioned, classy look. They look more classic and have an old-fashioned feel to them.

    Wooden shop front installation is the best choice if your business is in an old, traditional area. Wooden shopfronts can also be made by hand if you want to give your storefront a unique look.

    New Shop Fronts is Here!

    Our professionally trained shop front fitters are experts in installing all kinds of shop fronts, including

    • Automatic doors
    • Curtain walling
    • Shutters
    • Aluminium shop fronts, and more.

    In summary, based on what you need, New Shop Fronts can make security grills and full shopfronts. So, what are you waiting for? Hit us a message on Instagram, we would love to assist you!