Common Types of Roller Doors – Sectional, Steel-Hinged, Sliding & many more

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    Common Types of Roller Doors – Sectional, Steel-Hinged, Sliding & many more

    Admin| October 2, 2021 | shopfronts

    Some people use the terms industrial doors and regular doors interchangeably. And we all do admit the fact that the commercial buildings do require much stronger doors than the residential ones. The doors are supposed to be larger which should let the lorries and the large loads get in.

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    Which are the types of Industrial doors?

    Before opting for the door from a variety of ranges, we must know what kind of doors are available. There are so many kinds of roller shutter doors available each of which performs a specifically designed purpose.

    So let us begin:

    • Roller Shutters

    These are usually made of either steel or aluminium These does not only help to protect your business but the warehouses as well. These are solid because of the slat framework that neither lets the thieves deter or the prying eyes emerge successful in their motive.

    • Sectional Doors

    These are designed for being moved or rolled up in the ceiling area. These are highly customisable and can be made up of sections and panels. It will be completely your choice whether you want the panels to be solid or want to incorporate the windows so that the sunlight can be let in.

    • High-Speed Doors

    The installation of the high-speed doors can be done either in the interior or the exterior form. These function the same as the regular door does. But the slight difference between both is that the high-speed doors operate at a comparatively high speed.

    • Steel Hinged Doors

    These are the popular choices particularly in the area that are known for the crime scenes. These may include the ventilation grilles. These can be customised. But the material to be used for manufacturing is always sturdy.

    • Sliding Doors

    Their operation is loved by almost everyone. These can be designed either on one side or both so that these can slide horizontally. The sliding doors which are present in the commercial spaces are automatic. These are highly convenient since they eliminate the need to push down or pull up.

    • Fire Doors

    There are several threats to the commercial properties But one of the biggest threats is that of the fire. When you can’t know about the origin of the fire before it starts, you can surely prevent it from reducing the contents of your place in the ashes by installing the fire doors.

    Final Comments!

    The above-mentioned varieties are just a few very common choices concerning the roller door. If our readers wish to have comprehensive information on this topic, then please write to us. We shall soon be back with the next blog.