Shop Front shopfronts

You should gain knowledge before purchasing shop fronts for your place?

If you are thinking of purchasing shopfronts for your place then aluminium is suitable for you. The material used to make aluminium is worth praising.

Why Aluminium Shopfronts?

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • There is no compromise with the quality of the shopfront.
  • It is tempting and helps you in getting the attention of the customers.
  • It is made up of stainless steel, brass, nylon and much more.
  • It will give your front side of the shop a modern look.

It is suitable for the business that are mentioned below:

  • Retail Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Display Window
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Offices
  • The entrance of the reception

What is the material used?

The material used in making the aluminium shopfronts that are mentioned below:

  • Aluminium

To make the thick metal slats the aluminium is used in the form of metal. It also helps in fixing the stiffeners.


To cover the pivotal points, hinges placement and stiffeners fitting this metal are used in the form of powder.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel is best suitable for the parts that are mentioned below:

  • Latches
  • Screws
  • Brackets


Zamak alloys are used to make the brackets and stiffeners more strong. It is a part of zinc metal.


It helps in generating the heat inside the business place. It is a multi-chambered profile which gives thermal breaks to the places who install aluminium shopfront at their places.

How do they protect the place?

After installation of the aluminium shopfront, your place will be protected from thieves, burglars and much more. Below down let us see the process of the aluminium shopfront.

  • Bauxite Crushing

The making of aluminium begins with the mining of bauxites. It is dried, crushed and mixed with water. This process takes place to keep the silicon particles away which helps in getting the aluminium form.

  • Reduction of Electrolytic

After getting the alumina form, the reduction process takes place at 950-degree celsius. It helps the aluminium to become stronger.

  • Aluminium Alloys

This is a type of process in which aluminium is given a specific shape. In this, it is used to make the aluminium products from alloyed products. In fact, now from zinc alloys, people make aluminium shopfront.

What are the benefits?

There are multiple benefits which will force you to install aluminium shopfront at your place are mentioned below:

  • This will not cause any harm to the environment.
  • The aluminium shopfront can be recycled and you will be amazed to know that the quality will remain the same.
  • You are having customization options as well.
  • They come in different shapes, sized, colours which will help you in increasing the appearance of the shop.
Shop Front shopfronts

Everything you should know about shop front improvement scheme 2020

The shopfronts improvement scheme 2020 will be applicable this year to business areas in South West Inner-city running from Inchicore to villages in the west. This scheme assists in commercial areas by renewing their front side of the shop. This also gives support to the upper floor works that are mentioned below:

  • Thomas Street
  • Environs Architectural Conservation Area
  • It is observed that last year the scheme supported over 20 projects.

Professional work involves that are mentioned below:

  • The painting will take place on the old shop front.
  • Redecorating the old shop front.
  • Repairment, removal of dirt, debris from the front of the building.
  • Some works will be done such as timber window repair, rainwater goods repairment and much more.
  • Redundant signage as well as high-level signage takes place.
  • Installation of new shop fronts will take place.

What is the background?

  • The county council Dun Laoghaire- Rathdown introduced the improvement of the shopfront scheme to give support to the overall looks of the properties which are on street.
  • The look of the front side of the shop is an important part which will help to attract visitors, customers.
  • This scheme will support owners of the business who are contributing to the environment and will ultimately help in increasing the visitors.

What is the aim of the scheme?

The aim of the scheme is mentioned below:

  • It will help you in increasing the shop facades.
  • It will help you in increasing the streetscape of the country by motivating the making of a shopfront which will help you in getting the attention of the eyeballs.
  • To enhance the design in the country.

The different types of improvement works which are suitable for grant funding that are mentioned below:

  • New Signage
  • Removable and replacing of the external roller shutter, plastic signage, shopfront clutter and so on.
  • Reinstallation of the shop front will take place.
  • Security purposes will keep in mind during installation.
  • Repairment of historic patterns like tiling, ironwork, canopies.
  • Experts charges

How is it beneficial for business?

  • It will give an aesthetic appearance to your business.
  • It will help you in increasing the sale of a business by attracting customers towards you.
  • It will help you in making your business look unique from competitors.
  • It will help you in getting new opportunities.
  • It will help you in making your environment look attractive.
  • The high- quality material will be used.
  • You can display your products properly.




Why do you need to hire a professional for the shopfront repair service?

Shopfronts are the face of the business which requires attention as well as extra care. There are lots of things you should take care of to attract the audience towards you such as design, features, colours, installations and so on.

These days two shop fronts are gaining popularity these days that are mentioned below:

Aluminium shop fronts

The multiple benefits of aluminium are getting the attention of eyeballs. It is highly used in construction, architectural business, retail shops, commercial stores and so on. The durability and strength are the main factors why people are getting attracted towards the aluminium shop fronts. It is easy to operate as well as low maintenance. Make sure you are hiring professionals for the installation of the shop fronts. You can also get the benefit of repair services from time to time. By installing such a shop front at your place you will give your place a modern, fresh and aesthetically look.

Glass shop fronts

Glass shop fronts are for those who want to give a modern look to their business. It will help you in attracting the customers towards you. In facts, you will see these glass shop fronts at the retail shop, shopping malls, commercial places and so on. There are two types of glass available in the market such as frameless and toughened. The person should be very careful while selecting the shop fronts for their places.

Services gave by shop front repairs that are mentioned below:

Replacing Bracket Placement

Do you know brackets and pivots are an essential part of shopfronts? Brackets will carry toughened glass and help you in advertising your product. But make sure you are properly placing your products. If the brackets and pivots of the shopfront trouble you, then they will replace it and make your shopfront like before.

Installing the Right Glass

Glasses make your shop front look different and makes your shopfronts look unique from your competitor. If mistakenly breakage of the glass happens, the team will visit your place and fix the things at your convenience.

Placements of Hinges

Hinges are also one of the important parts of the shop fronts. Sometimes what happens is the customers neglect the fittings of hinges. If you experience such a problem, then hire experts to do the repairment for you.

What are the things you should consider while hiring a professional?

  • You should speak with the team and tell them the problem you are facing.
  • What are the tools you are going to use?
  • The material used to repair the shop fronts are as per international industry standards or not.
  • Experience of the professional.
  • Qualifications of the expert.




What are the different types of toughened glass doors you can purchase?

Your shopfronts are the face of your business so make sure it is looking as beautiful as it is from inside. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attract customers towards yourself. The qualities your shopfront should include mentioned below:

  • Protect your place from vandalism.
  • Your place should look aesthetically beautiful.
  • Protection should be there from robbers, intruders and much more.

Toughened Glass Doors

Toughened glass doors are the type of doors who are gaining lots of popularity these days. It is made up of annealed glass which is heated at 600 Celcius. The otter area of the glass cools down after some time whereas the inner areas remain hotter.

What are the advantages?

There are multiple advantages of installing these glass doors at your place that are mentioned below:


The appearance of the glass doors is unique as well as beautiful. It will help your front side of the shop look different from the competitors and will help you in gaining the attention of the eyeballs. It will also help you in creating a positive image among customers.

Advertising opportunity

it also gives you an advertising opportunity where you can showcase your products. No matter if it is a beauty parlour, retail shop and much more, it will help you in informing the customers about your products as well as services.


These doors are durable as well as strong enough to withstand in any circumstances. It will also protect your place from changing weather. It also provides insulation.

Less maintenance

You don’t have to work hard to maintain these glass doors as they are low maintenance. All you need is water and a clean towel to clean the glass.

What are the different types of shop fronts available?

Aluminium Shopfronts

There are restaurants, shops, saloons whose first choice is the installation of aluminium shopfronts because of multiple installed features in it. Aluminium will make sure your place will remain safe from different weather such as winds, cold, hot and much more. These shopfronts come in two different styles that are mentioned below:


Manual aluminium doors are types of doors which you have to operate manually. These are suitable for small scale business, shops, beauty parlours and much more.


Electric aluminium doors are types of doors which you can operate with remotes sitting anywhere in your place.

Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless glass doors are strong, tough, rugged and much more. These doors are best suitable for the cafe as well as restaurants and much more. These doors come in different styles such as automatic sliding doors and manual doors. It is having many benefits such as a customer will be able to see the products placed inside the shop clearly, transparency will be there and much more.




What are the advantages of installing a frameless glass shop for your business?

If your business is located on the street, then installing frameless glass shopfronts is the perfect choice for you. It will come with lots of advertising opportunities as well as help you in getting the attention of the customers. You should install this glass for numerous reasons. If you want to know the reasons, then continue reading the article.

Advantages of frameless glass shopfronts

Low- maintenance

If you are hygienic and want to make your place look neat and clean, then install frameless glass doors because they are easy to maintain. Mostly, you will see these glasses installed in the cafes, hospitals, restaurants and many more places. You can easily make your glass look beautiful by cleaning it regularly. All you need is water as well as a clean towel. Avoid using cleaning solutions because they leave streaks on the glass which will not put a good impression of your business. The cleaned glass will help you in getting the attention of the eyeballs.

Glasses are strong

You must be thinking that glasses are more prone to breakage but you are wrong. Glasses are  very strong as well as durable. While making the glass it is heated to a high temperature and keep it for some time to cool down. This is the process which increases the strength of the glass and helps your place from any kind of robbery, intruders and much more.

They are safe

This is a myth that glass is fragile which is false. They are strong as well as help you in providing high security. Nobody can easily break the glass and enter the place.


Glasses are not as expensive as you think and they are not going to make the hole in your pocket. They will help you in saving the electricity bill by allowing natural light to enter the place. It will also help you in keeping your place hot in winters and cool during summers.

It gives you opportunities

The frameless glasses provide you an advertising opportunity that will help you in attracting the customers towards your business. It will help you in promoting your products 24/ 7. You can place your smaller products first and bigger products at the end or vice versa. You can also focus more on placing exclusive products in such a way which grabs the attention of the customers.

Increases the value

It also helps you in increasing the value of your shop. But make sure you are keeping your place clean and tidy. Customers don’t like entering the place which is unclean and untidy.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for experts for installing frameless glass shopfronts, you can hire us. We are a team of highly- skilled as well as experienced people who believe in satisfying the needs of the customers. We will install the glass at your convenience.


Which option is considered best between glass and aluminum shop front?

In this blog, we are going to make you understand the topmost reasons to choose between aluminum and glass shopfronts.

 What are the best features of an aluminum shopfront?

  • Easy to design

The aluminum shopfront is easy to design because it is extremely versatile. It means you can shape the material easily and its strength won’t get affected and you can get it designed in any way you like. It means you can get the installation done according to your style and branding.

  • Budget-friendly

Aluminum is extremely easy to find and easy to recycle which makes it affordable as compared to other materials. So, investing in this option is beneficial in different ways.

  • Highly resistant

No doubt, it can be shaped in any manner you like which helps to increase the security of the store. Additionally, it is cheap and it can work well in different weather conditions. So, an aluminum shopfront is a great choice for investment. So, get these doors and the security of the place will increase.

The aluminum shopfront is recyclable and the material is of the best quality which makes them sustainable for a long time.

 What are the best features of a glass shopfront?

  • Low Maintenance

The glass shop front makes the best choice in different ways. No matter how these are installed it is going to work properly. You simply need to wipe off the dust and dirt from the glass which will make them look the same. Make sure that you use the right products for the glass so that the glass look is not impacted.

  • Display your products

Another benefit of glass is that it allows the business owner to display the products. They make the perfect spot to market the products. It means the people passing by your shop will be able to notice what all you have to offer them. Make sure to display the best quality products so that the customers feel attracted to your brand. You need to make their shopping experience the best and smooth.

  • Get the glass shopfront customizable

There are many ways in which the glass shopfront can be customized according to the way your business likes. By doing so, your clients will be able to get attracted to your brand.

You should use the toughened glass shop front as it increases the security of the place. Getting it customized as per your need which makes a lot of difference. No matter what type of business you are running, you can get them customized as per your needs.

Contact the professionals

If you are still having doubts about which option you need to choose, then contact the professionals. Our team is highly professional and experienced to get the work completed on time. We take pride in making the best quality shop fronts so that the product lasts for a long time.


What are the things you should consider while planning for shopfronts 2020?

Shopfronts: Wanting to stand out from competitors is one of the difficult challenges a business owner faces. Everyone wants to be unique, different and wants to attract more and more customers towards them. Do you know with few things keeping in mind you can grow your business and generate a good amount of money from it?

Design of the shopfront

You want to make your shop front look different from another right. By installing aluminium shopfront you can do it. Spending your money on the right thing is the smart choice. It is durable as well as it comes in different designs and features installed in it. It will protect your products and services from burglars, intruders, etc.


Display of the shopfront

Always remember display plays an important role in getting the attention of the eyeballs. You should give a valid reason for the audience to come inside your shop. Now you must be thinking how will you do that right. By displaying the products in such a way that the audience will be forced to enter the shop. You can place posters as well as a lighted sign. If you will not keep changing the display of the product then it won’t be able to grab the attention of the audiences because they will get bored seeing the same things all the time. You should change your display from time to time and according to the festive season.


Logo of the business

You should build a logo in such a way which will be easily noticeable by the audience. It should be big, bold, use colours according to the theme and much more. After seeing the logo they should understand what type of products you are going to get it from here. Logo plays an important role in brand recognition so do not mess it up by taking it lightly.


Usage of colours

You should use the colours according to the target audience. Do not use multi colours. Use colours according to the products and services you are keeping in the shop. The vibe of the shop should match the audience vibes which will end up attracting them towards your shop.


The secret behind the successful shopfront

You must be thinking what is the secret of a successful shop front right. Your design, logo, display, colour scheme, lights of the shopfront leads to getting the attention of the eyeballs. You should maintain it by cleaning the shop regularly, by keeping positive energy in the shop and much more. It needs patience, time, money, and energy which will help you in achieving the desired goal. Also, maintain the aluminium shutter by cleaning it and checking whether it needs services or not from time to time.


Shop Front shopfronts

What are the topmost myths which revolve around sliding glass doors installation?

There are many types of people who will love sliding glass doors. There will be some people who will not due to myths spreading by people. For running smooth business shopfronts should look as appealing as your decor inside the place. It will help you get the attention as well as earning profits. If you are the one who is not installing the sliding glass doors due to the myth around you, then it is ok. In this blog, we are going to debunk the myths.

Myth: Sliding doors are meant for a bigger workspace

This is the foremost myth which people think that sliding doors are meant for larger spaces not for smaller ones which are false. The doors are meant for any type of places which will make the space look appealing. Also doors are easy to open and close.

Myth: Sliding doors are suitable for summer

The sliding glass doors are not only meant for summers only. Though it plays an important role in ventilation, inflow and outflow of air in summers. But that doesn’t mean they are not good for winters. The latest design of glass doors will eliminate the usage of energy. You can also keep your products and yourself safe no matter temperature is increasing or decreasing.

Myth: The doors are not easy to use

With the evolving of time, the design, features, operation of the sliding doors have evolved. It is easy to use. All you need to do is clean it regularly for the smooth operation of the door. If you will neglect the maintenance then it might create trouble for you.

Myth: Sliding doors are suitable for summer

If you believe this myth, then you don’t have enough knowledge about doors. The material used in making the doors like aluminium is so lightweight. The installation of these doors will make your space look aesthetically beautiful as well as it will increase the value of your place.

Myth: They are not meant for providing security

Due to the usage of glass panels in it, you think these doors are not meant for security purposes. The latest design of the glass is durable and stronger. It will not break easily if robbers, intruders are going to break in. You can sleep peacefully at your place after the installation of glass sliding doors.

Myth: Airtightness is there

As far as airtightness is concerned, then it is not true at all. After the installation of sliding glass doors, you will not face any trouble in terms of this. All you need to do is open and close the door properly. If you think air is going outside, then you should cross-check the door whether it is closed properly or not.

Shop Front shopfronts

What all you need to know about the Commercial Shopfront roller shutters installation?

Commercial Shopfront Roller Shutters Installation: Most of the people think that installing a CCTV camera on the property can give you a peaceful sleep. Then you are completely wrong. CCTV cameras can not make the security of the entire place increase. The commercial space needs the equipment and some type of solid installation to act as a barrier against the intruder and thieves.

In this regard, there is nothing like roller shutters in the market. The roller shutters are the perfect option for commercial, industrial, and domestic space. The shutters are easy to use and help in providing automation. Also, the shutters can be installed in the shopfronts to make it more secure and safe. In this guide, we are going to tell you everything about roller shutter installation.


What are the types of security roller shutters?

  • Automatic roller shutter
  • Solid roller shutter
  • Industrial roller shutter
  • Manual roller shutter
  • Transparent roller shutter
  • Perforated roller shutter
  • Aluminum roller shutter


Why is it beneficial to install a security roller shutter?

Roller shutter can give your entire place the elevated look while protecting the interior. Also, it makes the perfect option for energy saving in the commercial space and helps to lower down the energy bills. It means you can go anywhere and you do not have to worry about the security of your place.

With the roller shutter installation, the crime rate will reduce significantly in your area. Moreover, the shutters will also offer protection against the different weather elements and no harm is caused to the place. With the aluminum roller shutter, your place will have the maximum security and it also increases the curb appeal.

  • Reduced crime rate

The most common and obvious reason for getting shutters is reduced break and crime rate. No one wants to bear the loss of break-ins and intruders vandalizing the property. With this option, you can protect the windows and doors.

  • Weather protection

Another advantage of getting shutters is weather protection. It means the interior space is protected and it will make the entire place look impressive. During bad weather, the shutter acts as a shield against the entire property and it won’t result in much chaos.

  • Increased privacy

If you are longing for something to maintain the privacy of the space then get the roller shutter. The shutters are positioned in such a way that intruders won’t be able to see what you have on the premises or the passerby won’t peek inside what you are doing.

  • Noise reduction

The best part of shutter installation is noise reduction. This way the stress level is reduced, and you can have peaceful sleep at night, or the employees can work & customers can shop without the loud noise on the main street.



Get the premium quality Shopfronts, entrance doors, and facades from NewShopfronts

Security Doors, Shopfronts & Facades

Our quality product is highly-resistant against different weather conditions, makes the entire place secure, and perfect for different types of businesses.

Our team is capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing the shopfronts, facade, and entrance doors with the most effective solution. We are exceptional with our service and this is the reason we are highly appreciated by our customers.

  • Standard and bespoke solutions
  • Burglar-resistant doors certified with industry standards
  • Automatic and manual roller shutters
  • Structural glazing and specialist metal finishes
  • Ability to match existing or produce one-off designs
  • Aluminum shopfront and doors in thermally-broken versions


Shopfront changes the entire place and plays an important part in the business. It is the first thing your customers will see so you need to be careful how you design and manage it. When your business leaves a long-lasting impression you can do better in the long-run. It is the face of the commercial business, so make sure you get the front entrance installed by the professionals.

When you get a premium quality design and product from the experts your business will stand out automatically. The marketing tactics you use for your business are noticed by everyone and these are the people who are going to become your potential customers. Buying a shopfront is an investment to increase your brand presence in the market and increase customer engagement.


Aluminum Shopfront Installation Specialists

Getting a quality product is extremely important. Our brand has made its reputation in the market by selling high-quality products that are manufactured according to industry standards. Our experience and working methodology make us different from others. We make sure the customers get superior quality products like Aluminum.

Aluminum is a long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective material. For every business organization, this material makes the best choice. As we have said earlier, the shopfront is an integral part of the business as it is the first thing customers notice.

Getting an aluminum shopfront is going to increase curb appeal. Not only that but it makes the best choice for increased security. The material is extremely strong and it won’t be easy to break with human force. So, when you get something that is of superior quality everyone gets to see it and leaves a good impression of your brand.


Tell the world what you are offering

With the shopfront, it opens the window to tell the world what service and products you are offering. The shopfront allows you to display the products most effectively. You can even display slogans and offers to tell the passersby what you are currently offering them.

It is a great way to encourage them to enter your shop, and possibly they can become your potential customers. When you think on a wider scale, the shopfront in the face of the business. What you will depict will leave an impression of your business for a longer time.

If you are planning to renovate the shop or building a new one, then do consider the shop front. For more information, contact the experts.